Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Did i only gain 11 pounds!? hehe

35wks 5days...(This is craziness!!!!!I know, im shocked too!!) I am still at a 2 as of my Doctor apt yesterday. The babies are doing great and moving a lot! They both have tons of fluid! Skyler WAS head down at my ultrasound last Tuesday but yesterday she is now showing breech!! Zane is still head down and will for sure be the first to pop out! I can still have a Vag delivery as long as Zane (baby A) stays head down.

I lOOOOOVVVE that i get soooo many ultrasounds. I honestly have had one if not two weekly throughout my entire pregnancy...sometimes i would just call into the Dr office and tell them im feelin a bit "weird" and i think i would feel more comfortable if i came in for an u/s to just check to make sure all is well...and they TOTALLY would let me just come in whenever. Yeah, its great. Anyways...So the u/s also went well yesterday. Since the twins lungs are fully developed now (thanks to the steroid shots) you can totally see the babies lungs just pumping away...practice breathing! I loved watching them breath! They also checked the twins weigh...
Zane is 6lbs!! Skyler is 5lbs!!! OMG...lets do the math...5lbs + 6lbs = 11 lbs!!! So i have 11 pounds of JUST baby chillin in this tummy!! Yeah, wow, i know! I keep thinking to myself that whatever i feel right now during this pregnancy and how large my belly is...next time i get prego i will never have to feel this HUGE or uncomfortable again!! I will have such a small tummy with just one and i will never be as uncomfortable as i am right now with these twins... :)

So... 16 days from today i will be 38 weeks (on July 15th)...So if i havent delivered these two by then, then i will be induced on 7/15!! So since i am sick of guessing then being let down each time i dont think i would EVER make it past "that certain" week....THEN I DO! Im over that. SOOOOOO....I decided i am only looking forward to 16 days from now, its nice to know i will for sure meet MY BABIES on or before the 15th!!! YEAH!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

So much fun!

Hot pink and a dark blue...!!! Cant WAIT to meet my Zane & Sky!

35weeks 3 days prego! I think my tummy looks like i have several basketballs under my shirt! SO big!! :)
Hanging out with my Grandma & my little brother Josh that just returned home from his mission in Rome Italy!!

I had to make sure to take pictures with all the prego girls at my shower! Becca, Jenny & Charlotte!!

We played some games with some yummy candy bars...(Thats my little brother in law holding the candies)...

I had two AMAZING showers!! Thanks to everyone that helped out!! We had a great turn out and it was sooo fun hanging out with a bunch of girlfriends!

Friday, June 25, 2010

prego update

Went to the Doctor today...
So far i am still at a 1...but close to a 2. (So not much has changed there)...They said my cervix is 'soft' so thats good to hear...and the Doctor said he can feel Zane`s head when he checks me, so he is nice and low, right where he needs to be!! They will not induce me until i hit 38 weeks! Unless during the stress test one of the twins heart rate goes down during a contraction and is in distress, one of the twins isnt gaining enough weight (i have a growth ultrasound on Monday where they will check the twins weight), or if the fluid is low in one of the sacs.
Honestly, i NEVER thought id make it past 35 weeks! So now im super anxious for them to arrive!!! I KNOW the longer they are in the better but its hard to remember that when i never imagined myself this far along.
Over all i feel really good. I have lots of contractions through out the day and even at night when i am sleeping, they are starting to hurt my back a lot so i know thats a good sign...I am also slowly loosing my mucus plug. It is a relief to be able to actually DO things around the house. The bathrooms are clean, laundry is done, things are organized the way ive wanted!!
The down side to now being able to go out of the house is... I dont have ANYTHING to wear! I can honestly say i have 2 shirts that cover my tummy. So its kinda hard to feel cute, not that i really care all that much cause i am just over trying to feel cute being 9 months prego.
Where ever i go people ask how many DAYS are left until i deliver...and surprisingly A LOT of people ask if i am carrying more then one...lol, what can i say...im short. I love having a big belly and i love being able to get out of the house! Hopefully i will be able to meet these babies soon!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Cerclage was removed today and it hurt like HELL! I am at a 1 and the position is minus 2. I just got home. I am suppose to take it easy either until my water breaks or until i start contracting every 5 mins, then id go back to the hospital...but i am no longer on full time bed rest.
I am really hoping to get to 35wks!!
Being home is bitter sweet...i am happy the twins can cook a bit longer, but now im nervous cause im away from the safety of the hospital...Im nervous how and when labor will start for me?! Now that the Cerclage is out i feel like the twins are going to fall out (i know they wont)...but ive never been this prego without the comfort of the stitch holding my cervix closed...now i feel like a free women...!!
So now we wait....!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Change of plans!

Yesterday after settling into Triage, my Doctor decided the chance of me delivering these twins soon after my Cerclage is removed is too high...So change of plans! The Cerclage is staying in just a couple more days...My Doctor decided to give me a steroid shot to help the babies lungs develop (for best results, the steroids should be in your system for a total of 48hrs before delivering the baby). The steroids are given in two separate shots, once every 24hrs. So i got my 1st shot yesterday at noon and my 2nd shot today at noon.
So the new plan is...I have to stay in the hospital until i reach the 48hr mark (so tomorrow at noon) then the Doctor will remove the Cerclage and i will be placed on the monitor for several hours to watch my contractions and check to see if i have had any cervical changes...If i dont go into labor then i will be sent home and when i go into labor when i go into labor...
I cant wait for tomorrow to come!! Im nervous i will go into labor as soon as the Cerclage is removed, but excited to see what the outcome will be!
Being in the hospital is GREAT! Really, i love it! I mean, being at home i had to wait on Tim to get home to ask him to do the things i wanted him to do or ask him to get me something, cook me something other then me making myself a quick sandwich or microwave somethin...Here, all i do is PUSH A BUTTON!!! Ummm, i think i want some orange sherbet, a pillow, a soda, something to eat...like real food that someone (from the cafeteria) took the time to make, whatever i want, i get!...With just a push of a button, I LOVE IT!!!! Im doing all the same things id do at home, like blogging, Facebook, reading, sleeping, researching stuff online & watching TV...but now i dont have to wory about a mess to make Tim clean up or really asking Tim to do anything... and my bed is electric so i dont need help getting in and out of bed...i could go on and on...!!! After being on bed rest at home, i have NOTHING to complain about being on bed rest here at the hospital, its SOOO much better here!
Tim and i got a chance to do a tour of the NICU! It was sooo great to talk to the Doctors that will most likely be caring for my twins in the near future if they are sent there. They explained how everything works and whats used for what. We were able to see TINY little babies (reminding me of my dear Titus & Blake born at 20wks) that were born just 4 weeks later then my twins and have a chance at life at 24wks! It was amazing and also made me cry at the thought that i was only short 4wks and my babies wouldve had a possible chance at life. I was able to sit down with NICU lactation specialist and chat about what to expect if the twins come to the NICU and how i would get my breast milk to them and how everything works. Tim and i learned sooo much and i am soo glad we were able to do the tour and get sooo much info before having the stress of worrying about our twins in that situation. I felt at ease.
Thanks for the thoughts and prayers!!
I will keep ya`ll updated! We are really hoping to at least keep the twins in me until next Thursday 35wks...But we shall see!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

OMG! What will tomorrow bring?!

Could tomorrow be the day i deliver my twins!? THAT is the question!!!

Over the past couple weeks ive been having a lot of contractions, weekly the Dr would check me and my cervix has stayed nice & long...I have always been told my Cerclage will be removed between 35-36wks...thats next week!...So today when i went to the Dr i was excited to find out the actual date it would be removed so i have a date to look forward to...The Dr reviewed the past couple weeks with me & decides that since my contractions are only getting harder, more often and more intense that they are going to send me to the hospital tomorrow at 10am to get my Cerclage removed!!!!!! OMG! I was totally taken off guard and not expecting it at all! The Dr said since i am having so many contractions and they are having to check me weekly just to make sure my cervix is still shut that the best thing to do is to remove it...The reason is...if i were to go into full blown labor and was unable to get to the hospital in time for them to remove the Cerclage before the twins started to come then my cervix would rip (NOT A GOOD THING!!!!) So, to be safe we are going to take it out tomorrow to avoid the risk. Once the Cerclage is removed i wont be on total bed rest any longer, i will be able to do a little more then what i am doing now.
Over the past couple weeks with all the contractions ive had and the pressure ive been feeling i keep saying that i swear as soon as the Cerclage is removed i feel like these twins are going to fall out!!!!...or at least be born within 48hrs! So now im super nervous cause tomorrow is the day... My goal has always been to get to 34weeks, but i really do not want to deliver them before 35-36wks! So the question is WILL i deliver these twins tomorrow ???!!(or within the next week)! We shall see!!!!!!!!

33wks 5days! My big belly, its super heavy!


Skyler crying in my belly!

Zane sucking on his hand

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

just a couple more weeks!

32 wks prego tomorrow! Hello 8th month! Wow where has time gone?! Went to the Dr yesterday and i was super surprised at the twins weight! Zane is 4lbs 11oz! Skyler 3lbs 12oz! They are getting soooo big. In 3-4 wks i get in Cerclage removed!!!!! YEAH YA! They checked my cervix and everything looks good. I am having regular contractions daily, i can tell they are getting worse. Ive been to Triage twice within the past 3 weeks, but my cervix is holding up so thats all that matters! I am taking Nifedipine
to stop the contractions, if i cant make then go away on my on and i have more then 6 an hr then i take one pill...if i continue to have 6 an hr i have to go into Triage. Im having SOOOO much pelvic pain. Zane is head down, like really far down and ready to come out, its so hard to walk, get in or out of bed, lift my legs.... Only a couple more weeks so i cant complain! :)