Saturday, August 21, 2010

TWINS photo shoot!

The twins had there first photo shoot!! They both did amazing! We did two separate shoots one at 3 weeks old and the other at 7 weeks old. The photographer was amazing with the kids and we did most of the shots at her home studio! Check her out!
Here is a sneak peak!!!

3 weeks old. It was soo fun snuggling them together in this. They LOVE being super close to each other.

I LOVE this picture. Isnt Zane`s hair amazing! It totally stands out in this picture, and how can you not just love Skyker`s little foot!!

Skyler and her Daddy. She did so good sleeping on Tim for the picture...Tim just had to coo to her and she went right to sleep. Sooo cute!

The benefit of having a daughter thats 4lbs 12oz is that she fits inside a boot! OMG! She is sleeping on top of a plant bowel shaped like a boot. It was so dang cute...& again whats up with the cute foot thing! She is so stinkin cute.

7 weeks old. Zane is so adorable with his arm around his little sis...! Stay away boys!
Doesn`t Zane look like a little man?! He doesn`t even seem like a baby any more, he is soo much bigger then Skyler...and with all that hair...what a stud!

The photographer had this super cute lemonade stand she made for her kids to sell juice with, we propped Skyler on top, through a white frilly tutu on her, a big flower (of course) and this is what ya get! AMAZINGLY cute, that is! :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Birth Story

I went in for my weekly check up hoping to have my membranes stripped...but found that i was already dilated to a 5 & 50% effaced!! The doc told me to walk the mall for 1 hour to try to throw myself into labor and head to the hospital. I walked for about 30 mins and my feet and back hurt so much and i felt like Zane was going to fall out so we headed to the hospital, i was feeling tons of pressure.
Once checked in i was still at a 5 and was admitted at 7pm on 7/1/10. My time was here finally, iwas finally going to deliver these two and meet them!! It was a good feeling to finally be at the hospital and not be sent home...this time i WASNT going home empty handed.
We did an ultrasound to find out the babies positions...Zane was head down estimated at 6lbs 4oz, Skyler was breech estimated at 5lbs 1oz...(shows you how OFF those estimates are)...
I have REALLY small veins...and after 5 tries the IV was finally started.
I wasnt really in any pain but i was sooooo nervous that the pain would just HIT me and i would be dialed at like a 9 and it would be too late for my to get the epidural (i remember the pain of delivering Titus without any meds and he was only almost a pound and that was almost unbearable), so i got it at 10pm while still dialed at a 5. It was taking me a LONG time to dilate. I was feeling A LOT of pressure but no pain. The doc checked me at 1:30am and i was only at a 6 & 75%!! He broke Zane's sac and with his fingers in me told me that "Zane has plenty of hair"...(he wasnt kidding!!). I was put on Pitocin to make things move quicker.
A little while after he broke my water i felt like the epidural wasnt working... i know you are suppose to feel pressure but i was having to breath through every contraction the pain was soooo hard and it was all from the pressure! I started having really bad back spasams between my shoulder blades... I HAVE NEVER BEEN SOOO uncomfortable my back hurt sooo much. I had to have Tim grab one arm and my mom grad the other and cross them in front of each other over my chest and pull to separate my shoulder blades to re leave the pain. huh, it sucked! The anesthesiologist had to come in and up my dosage to try to help with everything. I slowly progressed over the next couple hours, it took me several hours to get to a 7 then 8 then finally dilated to a 9 1/2. I got to a 9 1/2 around 9am on 7/2. ffffeeeeewwww long night. I remember Tim was sleeping on a chair during the night and i was sooo mad/jealous at him for sleeping while i was in labor. I wanted him to feel what i was feeling. I was upset that over the past year and a half i have been in hospital bed way to many times while he is in a chair next to me, but never the one in pain. I just felt ready to stop being the one with all the issues.
The doc came in and told me that it should not of taken so long for me to get to a 9 1/2...
Over the past 24hrs while in labor Zane's head had shaped itself to the birth canal. He told me the 'lip' of my cervix isnt moving out of the way (i guess when you get close to delivering there is a lip on your cervix that normally moves out of the way on its own...and mine wasnt doing that!) the doc said i could deliver Zane since he is already shaped to fit and would make it out alright...but the concern was making sure Skyler could get out safely. The doc was okay with sticking his arm up there if she didnt turn on her own to come out head first. He could pull her out feet first if she didnt turn...but there was a large chance that my cervix could close on her head...also that she would get stuck, since she hasnt had the past 24hrs while i was in labor to shape her head to fit around that lip...or she could get stuck and then we would have a huge problem and she could possibly die...THIS STUPID LIP thing is what screwed up everything! HUH!!! Sooo either i take the chance and deliver Zane vaginally and pray that everything goes perfect with Skyler coming out...OR i deliver Zane vaginally and possibly have an emergency c section if she got stuck (the thought of delivering a baby both vaginally and through a c section was NOT an option)...all odds were against me and i didnt want to even chance the possibility of loosing another child... So nice big unwanted whole in my tummy here i come! (all this talk with the doc about the what IF'S and my options...lets not forget i am in tons of pain and almost to a 10!! I was feeling like i needed to push and wanting him OUT, the pressure was soo intense!!) Once the decision was made to do the c section i wanted to ball my eyes out!! I just looked at Tim like I CANT BELIEVE THIS! I was soo sad and heartbroken. But i held back the millions of tears i wanted to cry, i didnt want to draw any unwanted attention to myself from my family and or doc i just wanted the babies out and i knew this was the best decision and i just needed to suck it up and hold back the i felt like Zane was going to come out any second! I didnt want him to come while i was crying and have to do the double delivery...huh.

Everything was kicked into high gear once i gave the okay for a c section. Tim got his scrubs on and i was wheeled into the OR. My experience wasnt a fun one. While in the OR i wasnt numb enough from the epidural to do the c section...I could feel the doc touching me and the freezing orange sponge thing...huh it was horrible! So while i am feeling the need to push and they are telling me not too i was given ANOTHER huge dose of the epidural and finally the doc started to cut. ALL i can remember after that was waking up trying to catch my breath saying as loud as i could that i couldnt BREATH!!!!!..and trying to look for Tim since i was alone laying there!! (Tim was over looking at the babies talking to the doc about each baby) Soooo... the doc said that i had an allergic reaction and passed out because amniotic fluid got into my blood stream and the reaction made me black out. Then i guess the meds they give to help with this reaction makes you feel like your lungs are closing on you and you feel like you cant breath! Its a CRAZY horrible feeling. So when the babies were pulled out of me and give that first wonderful cry that you've been waiting for for the past 9 months & when the doc holds the babu up over the blue cover in front of you to show you your new baby!...yeah...I MISSED IT! I was blacked out and didnt hear Zane or Skyler's first cry...or cry at all in the OR. Tim was alone in all of that experience...(i am so jealous of him...i will never get those special moments back). When i finally came too and found my breath all i remember is Tim telling me "The babies are doing great and Zane has soooo much hair"!!!... and that was it. The next thing i know im being wheeled to the recovery room. I guess Tim was told by the doc that both babies were going to the NICU...(so we werent expecting the twins to be in the recovery room)... But Skyler ended up only needing some oxygen and that was it! Both kiddos were waiting at my recovery bed for us. I was still kinda out of it but was soo excited to hold both of them and just stare at them. I fell asleep and when i woke up i realized my life had just changed for the better. I now had a family of my own.

Born on 7/2/10 by C section at 36 weeks 1 day.
Zane Titus DeLoach born at 1020am weighing 7lbs 1oz, TONS of long black hair (just like his mama did)
Skyler Blake DeLoach born at 1022am weighing 4lbs 12oz, very tiny and very beautiful.
I weight 204 (yikes) at my doc apt the day before i delivered on 7/1, at my two week apt i had lost 44lbs and was at 160. yeah! (when i first found out i was going to be on bed rest for almost my entire pregnancy, I told Tim "i bet ill get to 200lbs'...huh unfortunately i was right) I guess thats what nothing but laying around all day every day, eating, drinking, and not using one muscle does to ya!