Friday, November 19, 2010

Almost 5 months!

The twins are almost 5 months old!! Wow! It seems like everyday gets easier with the twins, the older they get the more they can entertain themselves!
Neither of them are rolling over purposely on their own yet. They both HATE tummy time with a passion. Im hoping they start to crawl soon so they can do things on their own and not have to wait on me to move them around.
The twins 4 month stats are:
Zane 14lbs
Sky 10lbs
Here are a couple things about the twins.
Zane refuses to go the entire night without eating, he always wakes up around 230am for a feeding. He now arches his back, its really annoying cause its like he already throwing tantrums...?! He had his first stuffy nose, cough & fever, that was the WORST time so far, when it comes to having twins. All i wanted to do was old Zane and comfort him, but i couldnt cause i had another baby to care for... :(. It was really hard. He is such a happy baby now, he laughs all the time!
Skyler started biting my nipple! Grr, so i push her into my boob and also put my finger on her mouth and tell her 'NO', firmly...its kinda funny cause she starts BALLING and screaming loud when i do that, its like she knows im disciplining her and im not happy with her. Its kinda cute, i cant help but laugh. She is such a great sleeper! She will sleep from 8pm-5am wake up, feed, then go back to sleep until 7-8am! I love it! She is such a dang cute! She has always made the cutest noises! She will be all alone in her crib, on the couch or in her swing and just coo to herself then laugh, its super cute!
I started recording the twins a lot and wanted to put the videos online so i know i could never lose them! I upload all the videos to YOUTUBE. Check them out :). My goal is to do daily log, or at min weekly.

Zane is lookin over at the girls...DRAMA QUEENS! hehe. This is the first time the twins were able to meet their new friend Arli!

I always try to face the twins at each other so they can see one another! they will coo and touch each other constantly when they are this way. its super cute.

Zane has had over 5 hair cuts since he was born, but over the past couple weeks the hair on the top of his head has been slowly falling out...So he was almost bald on top, with long hair on the sides...yeah, he looked like an old man, not cute. So i decided it was time to buzz it, so that it can all grow back the same length. Skyler also had a hair cut, we trimmed all of her hair down to one length aswell. Tim didnt want the twins to feel singled out so he buzzed his head too! I love Tim with a shaved head! He hates it though. I think Zane looks wwaaayy older with no hair and kinda mexican.

Love my kids. They are almost 5 months old!

This is me, daily. Love it!

Bristol Clawson in the tahoe with sky and zane...on our way to Jerrae`s house for a play date. Its so fun the twins and Bristol are only a week apart and get to hang out almost everyday!!

My beautiful baby Sky, i am just so in love with this girl! She is such a sweetheart!

Zane and Sky are getting so dang big and just cuter everyday!!