Monday, August 29, 2011

Laid off-a letter to Michael

Dear little brother Michael...youve been on your mission in Argentina for over a year now. I miss you so much...and am sooo proud of you! Ive had soo many siblings leave on missions and go away for two years of my life and honestly im kinda sick of it! Its sad to say but i am kinda hoping Eliza & Rachel get married and done go any where! lol we shall see!
So whats been up with me?? Lets chat about the kids...cause of course theyre always on my mind...
Right now its 8pm on Monday night and the kids have a strict bedtime of 8pm every night...but today i was totally over seeing their faces...haha so they both were put to bed at a mother...i get to chose that. love it.
Zane is totally walking all over...never crawls at all. He has been laughing a lot but like a man...its like he actually knows when to laugh at stuff, when its funny. I love it. Tim just cut his hair cause when we take him to get it cut he always moves around too much so Tim did turned out cute! Zane is totally a baby now, he just wants to hang out with Tim and I constantly...he wants to be held and cuddled. its cute...but can be annoying since i have two kids and cant just sit around and keep zane happy...
Skyler just this week starting walking, she is slow and walks funny (cause she crawls funny...with her right leg bent dragging it across the floor and pulling herself forward with her arm...yeah hard to explain...but basically i tell people its her handicap Sky is getting some "balls" when it comes to sticking up for herself! lol, she will go over and steal stuff from Zane when before she would just always try to stay out of his way. She has some "Justin Bieber" hair! Its so cute and i havent even cut it at all...its like a cute little bob...(if you even know what that is...or who Justin Bieber it..haha) Sky has become totally independent...She will sit and play by herself and love to play in her bed all alone...she will wake up from her nap and i wont even know she is awake cause she will just roll around in her blankets and talk to herself, its so cute! She looooves Yo Gabba Gabba (google it...its a super annoying toddler show) she there and watch it for hours...its cute.
Im soooo lucky to have them both the same time. I dont feel like theyre twins...i feel like theyre siblings, like as if i was either going to get them at the same time as a set of twins or have Zane first then get pregnant with a girl and have it be Sky, i love to compare personalities and just love on them. I love being a mom, its the best thing in the entire world.
Tim and I have been doing ok...Our life basically consists of working out, eating and playing with the kids...we dont do much. We trade kids with one of my friends every other weekend...she watches the twins on sat night so Tim and i can have a date night and we watch her kids on Fri night so she has a date night...its an amazing set up and so nice to have some adult time with just Tim and I.
Tim has had it rough the past couple weeks....He was sooo super excited to buy a new car...a WRX Subaru, he put the money down on the car on the Aug 8th and the dealership had to detail it and said it was a done deal and we could pick it up on the was blue and was super charged, nice wheels, system, everything in the motor had been changed to make it that much faster...he was sooo excited...He was working for Mountain States Drapery (and has been on and off for the past 3 years...and loved it) he was working with Jerry Priest...The owners are old and the possibility of him taking over one day was their...Its a small company and Tim and Jerry are the only two employees except the owners... But without even any notice on Aug 10th Tim was laid off...Apparently all the bits and jobs that they were getting and hoping to get backed out and they didnt have enough work to keep paying Tim....Tim bought the 8th (but we couldnt pick it up until the 11th)...and He got laid off on the 10th! Thank gooooodness we didnt pick up the car before he got laid off! We were able to get our down payment back without a problem and we didnt have a new car! what a blessing, its better we keep our civic even though Tim hates it.
I could tell Tim was really down and felt horrible because of it...He has never been laid off and since our family totally depends on his income i could tell it stressed him out...So we quickly filed for all the goverment assisance programs, like food stamps and free health insurance and unemployment...The same day he was laid off we where online looking for jobs...He applied for this "Mechanics Dream Job" restoring classic muscle cars...He got a call back the next day and had an interview on Monday...He got the job!!! :) Even though it was far from our house in Scottsdale, it was a job! BUT it was better pay and it was doing something he really enjoyed doing! He started that Thursday...Every night when he got home he showed me picture after picture on his phone of the amazing classic cars he had worked on all day, he loved it! The next Friday (so he had worked only 7 days at this company) Tim and all the other employees where called into the office one by one and were each individually told they were laying everyone off!!!!!! OMG ru kidding me, is this some kind of sick joke...really?!!?? (thats what u was thinking when he called me) Tim worked at this "dream job" for 7 days and was laid off for the second time in 3 weeks! I feel more nervous the second time then i did with the first lay off...I know Tim isnt lazy and will do whatever he needs to do to provide for this family but i want him to be happy and enjoy what he does...
So we are back to redoing his resume and applying everywhere!!! It honestly just totally sucks. Im trying to stay this a lesson we need to be know that Heavenly Father is totally in control of everything...i dont know the reason but i know we will survive...if we can live through the worst time in our life losing our first born son and daughter i know this will be easy overcome...but in the moment. right this freakin sucks!
I love you Michael, i cant wait to give you a bug hug and have you finally meet your niece and nephew.
Love ya! Eve

Every day Sky and I wear a Chic the gym (day care for Sky, the store, around the house...basically everywhere! But lately ive been wearing my favorite headband...Brittany.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Titus & Blake turn TWO!

My first born son Titus wouldve turned two on 8/6 and my first born daughter Blake wouldve turned two on 8/9. Even though it has been 2 years since the day they were born and passed away...i can remember every single detail about that week. Especially this past week i cant get them off my mind...
This year i wasnt as emotional as i was last year, i think the pain and ache for them will never go away, but i think it will get easier to deal with.
Now that i have 1 year old twins, its so hard knowing that i dont get to raise Blake & hurts to know that i only had less then an hour with each of them while they were still alive. It still hurts so much, but with Zane and Sky here i know that they carry with them a part of their older sibling in them!
Ive never posted a picture of Titus & Blake, but i think im finally ready....

Monday, July 25, 2011

Family pictures & the twins are ONE!

We had family pictures taken in May (the twins are 10months old)...It was a blast and got soo many cute pictures!

The twins modeling on my new chair i painted black and recovered with demask fabric! Love it!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Chic Headbands! Twins are ONE (tomorrow)!

I finally decided to make a blog for my Chic Headbands business! Check it out!


The twins will be ONE tomorrow! Here are some pictures from a year ago-now (when i was 8months prego and 205lbs & just wanted to meet these two cuties!!! & now, the kids are crawling all over and ALMOST walking...and im down to 130lbs & happily skinny once again!)...
Ready to pop any day now in the prego year ago babies were soo perfect & my tiny little babies, it still blows my mind sometimes that i have 2 kids!! I am so blessed to have one of each.