Friday, April 1, 2011

9 months old

Wow, where has the time gone with my two kiddos?!
9 months old!
I really cant say i wish they were still babies...cause that was the hardest time of my entire life! I am sooo happy Zane is finally mobile...well army crawling as of 3 weeks ago...and Sky can actually be left alone to just "play" with toys finally without screaming her head off cause i left her side!
The twins are sleep trained and on a schedule!! I feel like such a successful mom, really...if youve done it you know what i mean! I totally trained them! Its a nice thought to be in control again...after having the twins run my life for the last 8 months...waking up every other hour to feed and sleeping randomly and of course never at the same time! huh!
Soooo, i did the "cry it out" thing...any any mom that doesnt do it and rocks there kids to sleep every single freakin time they need to fall asleep is honestly crazy! and id just like to rub it in your face that i sleep 8-10hrs sometimes and i am A TOTALLY different women now that i sleep! So i was suppper nervous about letting the kids go w/o food all night... i was worried about the whole crying thing cause ive always let them "cry them selves" to sleep when i laid them down at night...but would always just go grab them when they woke up and starting crying throughout the night and just feed them and lay them down and let them cry them selves back to sleep again... so the main thing i was worried about was just cutting them off cold turkey and having them be STARVING all night long cause they are soo used to eating every couple hrs... BUT i stuck to my guns and did it!! it took TWO long, sleepless, DOUBLE the crying nights full of no sleep, but it worked! my rule was...i lay them down at 8pm...NO LATER!!! and if they wake up during the night i let them cry back to sleep...but if they wake up past 5am...even if they woke up at 450am i would still wait to see if theyd fall back asleep in 10 mins before 5am...(and most of the time they did...) so if they woke past 5am i would feed them a 4oz bottle and put them back into bed. my other rule is that we dont get out of bed until. they can play in their crib, cry, or wake up play then take a cat nap until its 8am. but i am not going to let them form a habit of waking up whenever they want and i have to get up...nope. so i start the habits now :) it works ladies. so do it. i am so much happier now and i actually enjoy my time with my kids now...instead of constantly thinking...when will i get my next nap!
ok, scheduling nap time for me took some time... but after just paying attention and writing it down for about a week for when they twins would "round about" fall asleep through out the day, i just set my own time between that round about time... so now this is our daily schedule and its been going great for a little over a month! they wake up at 8am i feed them, 930am go to the gym, 1030 home from the gym, nap at 11am, then i get my craft on...or sleep...clean..whatever i want! :) they normally sleep until about 1-130ish... then we play for a couple hrs, and then they go back down for a nap at 4pm & sleep until 530ish, tim get home from work then we go to the gym at 7pm and get home and put the kids to bed at 8pm. thats my day! and i freakin love having a schedule!
I am blessed at this point in my life...the only time ive never needed coaching from a fitness person i trust to give me advise and help me through this process of become the person i want to be again...the neighbors that just moved in about 4 months ago at body builders...yup :) its amazing. they are the nicest people ever, michelle (the wife) is a stay at home mom and also a full time body builder along with her husband! We have become great friends and she is helping me get into shape again! she has given me a meal plan and tells me how and what to work out...needless to say i am soaking up every second of it and loving it!!! this is a priceless friendship!
I have never hated my body before...until after i delivered these kids! O m freakin g. they totally stretched my tummy out...! and i gained so much weight... when i delivered the twins i was 204, i now weigh 133! yeah ya!
I have been working hard since the twins turned 3 months old. I done several different things to cut the cutting out all sugars for 1 1/2 months then counting calories (which i love doing!!) doing 1200 cal a day...while eating every 2 hrs. i now doing a high protein diet for 8weeks to shred the fat. eating only chicken, asparagus, yams, 2 cans of tuna with only mustard or mrs dash, 6 egg whites and regular oatmeal with sugar free honey or splenda, 10 almonds a day, protein shakes & a green apple. yup thats it for the 1st 4 that im done with those 4 weeks im moving onto the next phase and now im eating fish in substitute for the tuna and chicken having fish 3x a day, cutting out the yams, and having 1 cup brown rice split between 1st and second fish, plain rice cakes...i get ONE cheat "meal" a week...yeah i dont even get a whole day...i just switch out one of my fish meals on saturdays for something else...thats healthy but not in my current meal plan to throw off my a subway sandwich or something like that... i LOVE structure so this meal plan works perfect for me! and NO i have NOT cheated or given in AT ALL in 4 weeks! yup, i stick to the same freakin food every single day...its easy not to cheat when you see results. i am losing so much weight, so how can i justify eating that cookie or that dr pepper that i crave? when ill just be taking steps backwards? thats what makes it easy to stay on track. i refuse to be "that mom" when their kids are like 2 and they are still looking like they are pregnant or keep saying how they have "baby weight" to lose. my husband deserves to have the eve he married back and i deserve to be happy...and sexy/buff/skinny/can fit into all my jeans, tight shirts w/o my tummy sticking out at all= a happy eve :)
i work out twice a day 5 times a week. yup, i know crazy huh! but ITS WORKING! i do cardio in the morning for an hour and at night i lift with Tim.

switching gears...
we want to move to either gilbert or glendale...not sure which one yet...our house is on the market for rent...we just built a wall and turned the loft into the 4th bedroom... we shall see what happens...either way our kids WILL be raised in Gilbert/Mesa area and be surrounded by LDS people their entire lifes...but until they start school im open to living in the west valley...we will see!

zane has 6 teeth, and is the happiest baby ever. i can put a ball on the floor and hell just push it around for hrs and play with it. he is such a happy baby.
sky has 1 tooth. haha, the 2nd one hasnt even popped up yet at all...weird. she is just now getting over this "needy" phase...thank goodness cause it was DRIVING ME CRAZY! she is so beautiful and i am so thankful i was blessed with one of each...cause tim and i are thinking we are DONE!

peace out!
gotta go!