Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Twins baby blessing`s

Here is the first and second half of this pic, i couldnt make it all fit.

We FINALLY blessed the twins Thanksgiving weekend! We planned it out perfect so all the family would be in town and my brother and dad could stand in the circle with Tim. We blessed the twins at my parents family ward, it was nice to be around people that i grew up with and have known Tim and I and what we have been through.
The blessing was amazing, the spirit was so so strong during each blessing. I didnt and couldnt close my eyes once throughout each blessing, i just stared at Tim, I was in awe that we were finally at this moment in our life, blessing our babies, and my wonderful husband was blessing each of them. Tim struggled and cried through each of the babies names, especially having to actually say Titus & Blake out loud, (normally we dont, it just hurts to much, we normally just say 'the first set of twins'). It just hurts to think we will never be able to bless our other children here on earth. After the blessing Tim held Sky and sat next to me...I watched him as he just started at her and tears fell from his face, i could just see the love on his face and the hurt of loosing his other daughter all at once. It was a special moment that i wont forget.
Both the twins did amazing through the blessing, they didnt make a peep! Thank goodness! Zane looks ridiculously handsome...of course & Sky looked absolutely beautiful.
Im so thankful for my dad and brother that were worthy to stand in the circle and support Tim.
Eight years from now and my twins will be in white for the second time and Tim will baptize each of them. Cant wait!