Monday, July 27, 2009

We aRe haVinG...

Today Tim and I went to find out what we are having!! &... we are having 1 BOY & 1 GIRL!! Yeah, tell me about it! Could this pregnancy get any better! Goodness! lol, so i was totally balling...of course. It was soooo nice to actually have my husband to hold my hand and to have him at the ultrasound to ask questions instead of just me. I will blog about that later So after the ultrasound and calling everyone i knew...we headed out to Babies R US..and a couple other baby stores in the mall! It was crazy cause i didnt have to limit myself just to the pink stuff...i could totally do Blue too! We have had the names picked out for a while...Our baby boy will be named Titus (we are working on a middle name) & our baby girl will be named Blake Serene (Serene is my middle name)!! I can NOT wait to meet these two little ones! HUH!! I cant stop smiling! :-)!

Blake (baby B)

Titus (baby A) & Blake (baby B)

Titus (baby A) & Blake (baby B)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lets just face it... i love taking pregnant pictures!! I feel so cute... lol :) 18 wks prego

American Idol concert!!!

On Monday night my super thoughtful sister Camilla (& roommate) invited me to go to the American Idol concert!! It was a total blast! I LOVE Kris Allen...Hello who doesnt!? He is so hot and does the cutest 'side mouth' thing when he sings (if you love him them you know what im talking about!)... Also its so cute cause he is married to his high school lover and they have been together forever. It was fun to hang out with my sister and get out of the house! Since ive been married i dont do to many girls nights but since Tim has been gone its been really fun.

Timmy is coming home on Saturday @ 330pm!! I am counting down the hours. I cant wait to see you babe!!!!! Happy early 23rd birthday Timmy!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

When nothing else mattered to us except being together! Wedding pics 8-20-05

I cant believe how young we look in these wedding pictures...of course i didnt feel like i looked that young when i got married...haha...Its fun to look back and remember that wonderful day!!
When i pulled out these pictures i didnt realize how much we have changed over the past 4 years. When we got married not a lot of people where on our with little help, we had to put the wedding together ourselves. At 18 & 19 yrs old we bought everything to decorate and to make a wedding happen, my dress, food, invitations...yeah everything...It really made us grow up fast.I know that Tim wasnt the standard by the book perfect return missionary that i was suppose to marry but he is what is perfect to me & for me.
Being married to a convert has really made me realize what i took for granted growing up in the church...our families life styles, how we were raised so look back and see how easily Tim excepted the church and has learned to live and love it...What a great example to stop and change everything in your life...What a blessing to know that Heavenly father & Tim decided to be that example to his family and friends long long ago. I cant imagine being with anyone else except Tim, i can truly say he is my best friend. Since we have spent the last couple months apart its made me realize how much we really do need each other. Love you Timmy!!!

More wedding pics 8/20/05

Wedding pics 8/20/05

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

FINALLY, bye bye!!! - Wes!!!!

OMG, I hate Wes! I am so glad that Jillian finally saw his true reasons for being there! I have hated that them from the beginning! Jillian needs to undo the stupid decision of kicking off Jake and bring him back!!!! Watch that’s going to be the surprise for next week… I think that since last season with Jason they had all that dumb drama…now every season here on out they are going to have to either bring someone back or have some dramatic thing happen to keep people watching! I hate that! Just keep it real!
So lets discuss the two men I am in love with… Yes two. Kiptyn and Reid! Before last night I was ALL for kiptyn (ever since Jake was kicked off) but after seeing how cute Reid and Jillian were together I really like them as a couple!? Im SO torn! Kiptyn has an amazing body and just seems like he would make a great hubby. But Reid brings all of that (except the amazing body part…) and he adds his cute personality and sarcasm, they are always laughing…its so cute…
GO BACK TO WORK Ed!! That’s what he needs to do. He is not cute… ya ya he has a good personality (I guess) but Jillian needs the whole package!! Plus he is just kinda weird, I just don’t see them making cute babies… haha-I love this show!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My 4th of July!!

This was the first 4th of July in over 6 years that i havent spent with Tim, so that was kinda hard but the next best thing is hangin out with family!! I drove down to Phx and met up with my sister in-law Tisha and her husband Johnny, we went over to Johnny's parents house and had a bbq and did some swimming. Johnny's mom Candie took some cute pictures! So...all you ladies know what i am talking about... you know when you look down at your tummy (when you're standing up) it looks flat or smaller then when you look from the side?!! Yeah so this whole time i really havent taken many pictures of my tummy cause i didnt think it was to that 'pregnant stage' yet...maybe i just looked like i was eating too much! Well i was wrong! When i looked at these pics i couldnt believe how much my tummy has grown and how big it really is! I love it even more now! I am 15 wks pregnant and counting :)
Later that night we drove out and watched the fire works and honestly i do love fire works but i think its WAY better when you're a kid, or maybe thats just me...or maybe its cause im going where the fire work show All i could think about while watching the show was what next year will be like with my twins and husband watching the fire works for the first time! I cant wait! I think that life in general will just be more exciting...since ive known Tim for so long you get to a point where you just know what he's thinking or going to do next...With these two new people in my life i wont know them at all and it will be so fun to live a whole new life with them :)... HAPPY 4TH!!

15 wks prego

4th of July prego pics with my sister in-law Tisha!!!