Sunday, August 30, 2009

Road trip & just being home...

Since Tim had to fly down from NC on such short notice to make it to the hospital asap he had to leave everything their including our car and all of his belongings. After getting settled in from the hospital we decided that we would just make a road trip out of it. My close friend Melissa got us buddy passes so we could fly for free (Thanks again Melissa!!).
We stayed in NC for 1 night and hung out with everyone Tim worked with during the summer and Jen cut and colored my hair...i really needed it (Thanks Jen, i love it:).
We drove from NC to Nashville TN then to Oklahoma City then stayed in Albuquerque NM & drove home to AZ. It was so nice to be in no rush and just be able to enjoy the drive and make as many stops as we wanted. Im so glad to have my car back im so sick of driving our truck and having to fill it up almost every time i drive it...!
Being home from the hospital has been really hard for me. Just trying to adjust and get back to a "normal" life, sucks. I hate not being pregnant. I hate that i cant feel my son and daughter moving around inside me. I hate that i dont have my due date to look forward to. I hate that i cant stop crying, Tim told me one night when i was sad and couldnt stop the tears from coming that i am going to cry out all of my tears... i dont see how thats possible :( I hate that every time i get into my truck i think to myself how difficult it was to get into it when i was pregnant, or anything i do i think about the last time i did it and that it was when i was pregnant. I hate not having a cute belly. I hate that after everything that happened i cant choose when i want to be reminded and think about everything on my own time and when i want to be sad about it, but that i have to deal with medical bills and the funeral...and people. I hate that i now have to just start doing laundry, dishes, go to church, and just go back to 'life' after everything happened. Its a weird feeling, that i am just me again, not pregnant and with no children...again. Just Eve & Tim. As hard as it is to swallow i do know that everything happens for a reason...Not sure why and i probably wont find out until i am with my children again but i KNOW there is a reason. I know that Tim and i sat down with the Lord in heaven and decided that after trying for 2 years to get pregnant and then after doing IVF fertility that i would get pregnant with twins...a boy and a girl, and they would be born, alive, but would pass away soon after and that we could handle that and that Tim and i are strong enough to get through it. Honestly, that is the only thing i have been able to hold onto. Every time i get sad this pops into my head... 'I never said it would be easy...But i said it would be worth it'...There is a reason...i know it!!!


  1. You are so right; you guys ARE strong enough and you are exactly right. Your testimony is beautiful. And even though it's just "Eve & Tim" again - you guys will never be the same, you have followed Heavenly Father and it has changed you - I love your testimony, I'm sorry this is so hard, but you're right "it will be worth it".

  2. your amazing and right on. we love you guys

  3. What a beautiful testimony. You are right, everything happens for a reason and we knew before we came here what our trials would be. Stay close to your Father in Heaven only He has the answers and the power to help you heal. You two will make it and will be stronger because of it.

  4. Eve and Tim,
    Our prayers and love are with you! I was on your blog and Nathan pointed to your picture and said "I love my teachers"'ve both made such an impact on his life when you taught nursery. Thank you for that! All the best to you!