Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Titus & Blake turn TWO!

My first born son Titus wouldve turned two on 8/6 and my first born daughter Blake wouldve turned two on 8/9. Even though it has been 2 years since the day they were born and passed away...i can remember every single detail about that week. Especially this past week i cant get them off my mind...
This year i wasnt as emotional as i was last year, i think the pain and ache for them will never go away, but i think it will get easier to deal with.
Now that i have 1 year old twins, its so hard knowing that i dont get to raise Blake & Titus...it hurts to know that i only had less then an hour with each of them while they were still alive. It still hurts so much, but with Zane and Sky here i know that they carry with them a part of their older sibling in them!
Ive never posted a picture of Titus & Blake, but i think im finally ready....


  1. Those pictures are so precious and so touching.

  2. Oh Eve! They are so beautiful. And so tiny. And they touched my heart and made me miss my Anna. Thank you for sharing something so precious to you. Today I am sending you all my love.

  3. Eve, I didn't know you had pictures like this. But, I am so glad you do. What tender little angels. How sweet it must be to be able to see them in pictures. I love you. Thank you for sharing these they are so special.

  4. They are so beautiful and sweet. My heart breaks for you in the first picture. So early and and so small but so perfect, little angels. I love you. you are strong and good and a wonderful mother to all your children. Hugs.

  5. Sis you are a wonderful and amazing woman wife and mommy!!!! I love you so much and am so proud of the woman you are!!!! These pictures are so precious. My favorite is the one with you and tim together as it just shows how much you both love each other and all your babies!!!! God bless you and Tim and ALL your precious beautiful babies!!! Love you all!!!

    Michelle Siverly