Monday, April 19, 2010

whats up

This past weekend Tim and I headed to my home town Phx for my youngest brother Michael`s last weekend here before he leaves for his mission in Argentina!! He is such an amazing little brother and i know he will be an amazing missionary!! Michael will be the 5th person in my family to go on a Spanish speaking mission!!
It was sooo nice to get out of the house and visit family and hang out with Michael before he leaves on Wednesday...
While the entire family went off to church on Sunday to listen to Michael`s talk i took a nap on the couch and missed it :( I was really sad but i know its all for a good cause!!
So we took lots of picture this weekend but i REFUSE to put any up that show my face!! When i am not looking in the mirror or at a picture of myself i feel like i am still 120lbs but reality strikes when i do! I am okay with gaining weight because i know its for the babies and their health...and i would rather be complaining about gaining then just being skinny and wishing i was prego... :) Never in my life have i ever been sooo motivated to work out in my life and i cant!! Only a couple more months and i will be hitting the gym!! huh! What makes it even worse is Tim is in total workout mode! (he has ALWAYS had a nice body...) but his body only gets better while i sit back and watch mine just get worse!! I have to post this pic, i just love my husband and i love his body!

My lover, showing off this sexy body.(About 2 weeks ago he started this new workout program and starting taking new supplements so i will post an "after" pic once he has reached his goal weight) He is such a hard worker and is such an inspiration to me to hit the gym asap!! I am so in love with this man and the fact that he is so nice to look at is the cherry on top!!! I wouldnt have it any other way!! He is always reminding me how i WILL get back to my pre-baby body and that i CAN and WILL...(sense the push at the end...)

25wks 4dys- This is probably the only way you will be seeing any pics of my belly is with my hair covering my face!! Lol...Mike was so cute with my belly! He always put his hand my my tummy at the perfect time...right when the babies would kick! Im so glad he got to feel them move for the 1st and last time.

Tim and Michael right after he gave his talk...