Saturday, March 27, 2010

Prego talk

A list of things that are different this pregnancy from the that im past the point of my past pregnancy...

• A small bit of comfort in knowing that my water wouldn’t coincidentally break the same day that it did last time and it is possible for my body to carry past the point of 19wks 3 days.
• When im actually standing for the couple minutes that I do stand my tummy feels VERY heavy…
• I cant see under my belly any longer so I am unable to shave…at all!!! Huh its uncomfortable and sucks!!!
• The babies move soooo much. Its weird cause one side of my belly will move and then the other will do it at the same time, it’s a crazy thing having more then one in there.
• Its hard for me to sleep and im only 22wks! I feel huge. Its hard to get comfortable, my tummy is so heavy when im laying on my side…even with a pillow under it its still uncomfortable.
• I HONESTLY get up minimum 4 times a night to go pee. ITS TRUE! I count…lol
• Tim was able to feel the babies kick and move around for the first time the other day and it was an amazing feeling to see him in that small way he can right now connect with the twins, it mad me sad to think he never got to feel the other set of twins in my tummy.
• Its an exciting feeling to be so close to 24wks (since that’s when babies are viable…If they are born they will be taken to the NICU, and will at least be given a chance at life rather then just set on my tummy and watch them pass) that’s where I wished I could`ve been last time I was prego… its still SUPER early but it’s a good feeling to know that if they were born something will be done to attempt to keep them alive.
• Being on bed rest is super boring, I never thought id say I actually look forward to work after the weekend cause I actually GET to do something rather then watch tv, read, eat and sleep. Saturdays and Sundays are soo boring the back of my head hurts by the end of the day from laying down on it all day long, its ridiculous! (but for a good cause of course : )
• I didn’t mention this in my first post… I am unable to have sex this entire pregnancy, yup. Ever since I got my Cerclage in at 14wks not one bit of sex! Its craziness. So if you see my husband and he seems a little on edge you know why…poor guy!!! Its kinda funny to me because we didn’t have sex to become prego (since we did IVF fertility) and now we cant have sex during the pregnancy… its like its not even necessary with the technology we have these days… haha.

My weekly appointments are going great, the babies are strong and are growing just fine. My cervix hasnt changed at all since 16wks and is still measuring at a 3.5cm...nice and long, right where it needs to stay!
2 sets of little feet

Little heads next to each other

22wks prego


Sunday, March 7, 2010

19 wks

Its literally impossible to hide…

YUP! Im pregnant and couldnt be happier. This time around i decided i would hide it from everyone until i was 10 wks (and i had fun doing it!!)- i told my family on Christmas Eve that we were pregnant...with twins, it was amazing to share that with them on the due date of my previous set of twins, it was a bitter sweet day. I had my family keep it a secret until i was past 14 wks, at 14 wks i had surgery and had a Cerclage done (you get a Spinal, then the doc basically sews the cervix shut so it cant open until they take the stitch out). After the Cerclage i told anyone that noticed, but i didnt really ever want to make some sort of an announcement...This pregnancy is extremely scary for Tim and I and its hard to get excited and buy things or even talk about our future with the babies cause we know just how fast that all can be taken away.
I started full time bed rest at 18wks (but have been practicing it...not doing anything since i got the Cerclage at 14wks). I am still working from home but now work from my bed on a laptop. I would go CRAZY if i wasnt working 8 hrs out of the day, it keeps me busy and my mind off everything thats going on. The worst part of being on bed rest is the weekend...After 5 days- after work watchin tv or reading im really not wanting to spend all of Sat & Sun doing just that. But its only two days so i cant complain.
Tim has been AWESOME about the whole bed rest thing...meaning he has to do EVERYTHING for me. Make me dinner, do the dishes, fold & do the laundry, clean the house, and most importantly serve I felt kinda bad at first asking him to get me a drink and then some food 5 mins later but now we have a system and he knows what i need and want so it works out well. He doesnt complain about it and is always telling me to drink more or not push on my tummy to feel the babies...haha, its cute. But i think that he doesnt mind doing everything for me this time around since he wasnt here with me at all during my last pregnancy and couldnt take care of us, and wants to make sure he is doing his part and doing all he can to help keep these babies inside me!!
We are having a Boy and a Girl- Just like last time...its crazy we would get one of each both times. Its a bit scary cause that makes it feel similar to the last pregnancy when i wanted this one to feel totally different, but if i am unable to get pregnant again at least we will have one of each, so we are excited.
I am 19 wks 3 days today, my due date is July 29th. I am doing weekly injections of Progesterone to make sure i dont have any contractions. I am seeing PPA (Phoenix Perinatal Associates) they delivered my son and daughter last time and know all about my history. I started out seeing them every other week but now i see them weekly, AND the best part about it is i get weekly ultrasounds and they do a cervical length! I have seen my babies soooooooo many times, I LOVE GOING to the doctor!
This pregnancy has already been a different experience with me being on bed rest, having my Cerclage in, going to PPA weekly, but all in all its still really hard to be confident that this time everything will turn out okay. I feel comforted this time around but the scary thing is i felt comforted the last time as well...once i pass 24 wks i am hoping we can feel a new type of comfort!!