Sunday, October 4, 2009

Disneyland family reunion 09

Every year in September all of our family heads to Disneyland for the family reunion. It was a lot of fun to be with family and hang out at the beach...!
As part of the tradition all of the family eats at Goofy's Kitchen in Disneyland and its cute cause all the Disney character's dress up & walk around from table to table. The reason i dont look to happy in this picture is cause Goofy was a total creeper! I accidentally called him Pluto...& he wasnt happy about that! The character's that are in costume under the suits dont talk they just do hand that made the situation even more awkward...He wouldnt leave until i gave him a hug...and it was a uncomfortable 'long' hug...i know that under that sweaty suit there is a nasty old man...eeeww

Tim and i my two sisters Zina & Camilla..& my mama Denise-going straight to Tower of Terror!!

Family photo! We had a blast and it was cute to all have matching shirts!

After all day walking around both parks we were soooo tired! & it probably wasnt very smart of me to wear flip flops all day cause i had blisters :( We were ready for the day to be over.

Rachel Zina and I are waiting with the family for the Star Wars 'training' to little cousins where in the show and got to go up on stage and fight with was cute.
Tim and I with my Aunt Heather...Love her!

Me and my sisters, Eliza and Zina...right before we drug Eliza into the

Tim looking sexy about to make a run for it onto his skim board...

Tim and i taking a walk down the beach, it was beautiful.

We where craving some fresh fish tacos, so we found this awesome place called Papa's Tacos right on the coast over looking the ocean it was sooo good!!!! I had to take a pic so i never forget :)