Tuesday, February 1, 2011

7 months old!

The twins are growing up soo fast and i am loving it! I cant wait for them to start moving around on their own! Here are a couple things about each of my babies!

1 has two teeth!
2 can say DADA!
3 laughs ALL the time...and loud!
4 sleeps on his tummy now
5 will fall asleep in his jumper while jumping himself to sleep
6 can sit up on his own
7 is my little stud man and is such a sweetheart to his mom, always giving me hugs, he is my little cuddle bug!

1 Smiles with her entire mouth open!
2 can sit up longer then Zane can any day!
3 no teeth yet
4 only laughs when its REALLY funny, she doesnt do it too often
5 will lift her arms up and make noises like 'huh huh' wanting me to pick her up...little brat!
6 notices when im eating a banana and will cry until i give her some!
7 she will watch me very carefully if she is playing with toys or in her jumper to see if i try to leave the room...and if i do she will start to cry
8 is very sensitive, if there is a loud noise or anything she will start to cry. Also, i have to nurse her alone away from everyone cause she refuses to nurse while there is a conversation going on!
9 is so dang cute and tiny and i love her to pieces!

The twins at the 7 month appointment.
Zane is 26 inches long and weighs 17 1/2lbs! in the 25%
Sky is 24 inches long & weighs 13 1/2 lbs! in the 5% (haha)
(*sorry about the pictures being cut off, i have to fix it...)

Sky is such a happy girl!!

Zane LOVES this green toothbrush! Its so cute!

Zane just adores his dad, he even says DADA now!

Like father like son :)

My busy life! My arms are super strong now!

Lol, i had to take a picture, I dont know how many time this has happened! Sky will be crying in her carseat in the car and ill think she is just being a brat...little do i know her dang headband is in her eyes! Oh well! Sorry, girl i refuse to let you out of the house without one!

Sky learned how to sit up on her own but sometimes falls forward! Here are the two times that when she fell it actually left a mark! Poor thing!

This time auntie Zina was watching the twins and Sky fell!

First time Sky sat in a buster chair! She loved it! Look at those beautiful blue sky eyes!

This is the naked truth of being zane`s mother! EVERY single time this kid eats i can guarantee he will throw some of it up! So i caught it by accident and am soo glad i did!

No more carrying those dang car seats around any longer! The twins will not have it! This is the first time i stuck them in a shopping cart! They loved it!

At 6 months old Zane got his first two teeth! I had no idea they where even coming in, he was such a happy baby! Thank goodness!