Sunday, May 16, 2010

Over the past couple weeks...

Huh, this has been a project over the past several weeks and we are still far from finished...but i wanted to post some pics of our progress!
Tim has been laboring over the past couple weeks to sand & paint these two cribs, they turned out awesome, he did such a great job! He is still working on the dresser, but hopefully itll be done within the next week or so, ill post of pic of it once finished.
Okay, about the car seats and Snap & Go stroller!... Had always planned on purchasing new (since they are so important and you never know if you purchase them used if the person is lying about possibly being in an accident or maybe the person is just gross, you never know...) but when i found this deal and met the girl i couldnt pass it up! I found them on Craigslist, i called the girl Rebecca about a twins nursing pillow she was selling and after talking a bit she told me about the car seats and stroller she was also trying to get rid of...I had a good feeling about it and went to her house to take a look- she was super nice and was actually LDS! We totally hit it off, she has 9 month old twin boys, she was able to give me the 'DL' on twins...:) The car seats were hardly used...I bought the 2 car seats and Snap & Go double stroller for $130!! Huh, it was such a relief to save so much money and feel comfortable buying them used.
I wanted to put new car seat covers on them and found this girl that makes custom baby EVERYTHING on Craigslist! (I love Craigslist)... She does such a great job and its all for a really good price. Here is her website if you want something made! So my good friend Jenny and i headed to Hobby Lobby and she pushed me around in a wheelchair while i picked out the fabric for the car seats and crib bedding. It was blast, and SOOO nice to get out of the house! I ended up matching the crib bedding with the car seats cause i loved the patterns so much.
Okay about the room-I cant wait for it to be finished! Skyler will sleep in Zane`s room until she can walk then we will decorate her room, this seems to be the best way to go so i dont have all of her things in one room and his in the other...that would just be wayyy toooo much work to get them dressed and changed 10 times a day!... The twins will sleep together in Zane`s crib until one of them starts to roll, then i will move Skyler into her own crib...The research i have done on twins says this is the best way to go...But we will see what works best for my set.
We still have to paint some random thick black strips on the walls and get in big black letters 'YAMAHA' in vinyl to put over the cribs...the room will be done in black and white pictures of dirt bikes & antiques dirt bikes, along those lines...i cant wait to see the finished product...The room will have just a little bit of hot pink randomly for Skyler.
Ill post pics from both my baby showers! It was soo fun and i got A LOT of great stuff! Thanks to everyone that helped and everyone that came! Thank you, thank you!
I get my cerclage out in about 6 in 6 weeks i am OFF bed rest & could deliver these twins as soon as they are ready!!! Time has flown by!

Skyler`s crib and bedding- has just a hint of hot pink with black, dark gray and white. Perfect.

Zane`s crib and bedding- love the pattern. huh...

I love that i am being blessed with not one but two.

The car seat covers i had made, LOVE THEM!

The car seat with the black cover i had made- so no unwanted hands can touch my little ones :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Maternity pictures

26 weeks pregnant with twins