Sunday, January 17, 2010

My LuCk

So...Hello BLOG world...long time no post...haha i know, ive just had nothing blog worthy and interesting enough TOoOOoo blog about... BUT thats all changed...well kinda.
Id like to say i have bad luck, honestly i feel like i dont really ever 'get lucky'. Like my neighbors for example...they won 10k from a cheap lottery ticket! Lucky non-Mormons!
Okay, back to reality for me. So a couple months ago i was shoppin at Fry`s (the nice one, on Ironwood, i used to make the extra drive just to go to that one, but haven`t been back since!) and I normally bring in my entire purse but this time I decided I would only bring my wallet…After I was done shoppin I thought to myself, as I put my wallet from under my arm into the top of the basket…”I should just hold onto this”…Yeah, I didn’t listen…So I put all my grocery`s into my car and drove away… about 2.5 seconds later I realized I had left my wallet in the cart!!! So I turned around (mind you, it really had been like less then a minute that I realized this) and went and parked back in the same place I had just a second ago…NO wallet to be found. So I thought I was loosing it and ran to every cart around looking to see if maybe my cart had been moved or somethin…Still nothing! So I went to the customer service desk gave them my info. I then cancelled all my cards!! It was such a hassle & took forever. After crying to myself all the way home I got a call from Fry`s saying that someone had turned in my wallet… it was bitter sweet cause I had JUST walked in the door at home so I had to turn around and drive back up to Ironwood, but also excited to get my wallet back. Right before going to Fry`s I had cashed a $100 check and had that in my wallet, that was the only thing missing when I picked it up! I was pissed about that cause if I only would’ve waited to cash it until later I would still have the $100 bucks!
So last night we went to Supercross motor sports at Chase Field. It was a blast…as it is every year! Anyways long storey (kinda) short. I gave Tim my phone to hold and he lost it! YUP! And this time I actually brought my purse and should’ve just put my phone in the purse where it belongs! I text my phone from Tim`s phone last night saying “If you are reading this text you have found my phone! Please please please return it,” and gave them my husbands #. I wasn’t too hopeful id get it back and I was going to call T-mobile in the morning to cancel it, when at 7am Tim gets a text saying “I found your phone and id be more then happy to return it”. Huh relief! I honestly couldn’t believe it, I thought for sure some drunk kid would find it and buy a bunch of music and sell it and never return it! The guy that did find it lived near my mom in PHX so she picked it up for me today!
The moral of the storey: keep all important belongings IN THE PURSE! Also I am counting my blessing (cause I always say I have bad luck). But im sure my luck with this type up stuff has run out!