Saturday, June 27, 2009

My two babies Jayden and Jake

Double Trouble

So since its finally (almost) sunk in that im going to have two babies and i need double everything... I probably should start looking around at double the stuff... Today for the first time (im sure out of many to come...) i went to Babies R Us with some friends. I cant bring myself to buy anything...YET!! We find out what im having on 7/27 @ 8am! Soooo at 9am i will probably be at Babies R Us shoppin! Im hoping for 2 boys or one of each...i really dont want two girls... i have 5 sisters and i cant imagine raising two girls the same age, same grade, same everything...DRAMA! No thanks! But of course let me just add that im thankful for whatever healthy babies i get :) Anyways back to the reason why i even am writing this post... I have been looking for a front to back double stroller that i can put two infant car seats in then when the babies get old enough i can use the stroller for toddlers... Ive only been able to find one and its soo ugly! If anyone can HELP! Or knows anyone that has twins or knows someone that has twins...anything will help me out!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

My twins at 10 wks

Just found out i was pregnant with TWINS at 5wks!

Everything Happens for a Reason!!

My hubby and I have been married for 4 yrs in Aug (feels like soo much shorter for some odd reason)... Out of those 4 yrs, 2 of them we have been trying to make a baby!! We tried getting prego the 'normal' way...lots of sex!! Scheduled sex and every position I could read about that might up our chances... Well none of that paid off! After getting to the point that i almost hated seeing anyone that was pregnant or forcing a smile on my face when a friend told me they where pregnant... We decided to try doing fertility treatments... We went to Advanced Fertility Care, several of my friends had gone to that office and all got pregnant. Let me just add that we did all the testing, and there is NOTHING wrong with Tim or I!! Yup, crazy. First we did Clomid pills and that didn’t work. Then we did Artificial Insemination...That is when they take Tim's swimmers and sort out the healthy ones and place those inside me, they gave me one shot, did blood tests and i was on several pills, that didn’t work either! At this point we are just drained from getting our hopes up twice and being let down twice... and having to tell family and friends the bad news and having everyone once again feel bad for Eve... So without telling hardly anyone we did the 'last resort' type of fertility... Invitro (IVF). This is what people that are older and cant get pregnant use, or if you have a lot of problems then you normally would do IVF... The ONLY reason why we where able to do IVF at the time is because my insurance paid for most of it!! Yup...I was shocked! But it would normally cost anywhere from 10-20k, and we for sure don’t have that kinda cash!! So we started the IVF process, it was exciting and very scary. Daily i had to give myself 2-3 injections in my tummy and lower back, i took a lot of pills and i had to get my blood drawn like every 3-5 days. Its a 45 day process so i wont write about every step... but we ended up with 8 embryos (fertilized eggs)... after removing them from me, they where kept in an incubator and watched for 5 days... on the 5th day only 2 embryos had survived and where good quality. After LOTS of praying & crying we felt it was right to place both embryos in me. I was put under while they implanted the two in me... and we had to wait 2 weeks and go into the doctor’s office for a blood pregnancy test... Honestly those two weeks where hell compared to the injections and all the drama up to that point, waiting was the worst!! But Heavenly Father Knows what he's doing and i really do believe Everything Happens for a Reason!! I WAS PREGNANT!! Two weeks later i went to my first ultrasounds at 5 wks and found out that i was sent double the blessings... IM HAVING TWINS! Life is good :)